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May 11, 2017
By cfeirl BRONZE, Orient, Ohio
cfeirl BRONZE, Orient, Ohio
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Think of the most important person in your life right now. Now imagine that they passed away. What would your last words with them be? Are you happy with those words? I got my inspiration for this from the TV show, How I Met Your Mother. One of the main character's father, Marshall Eriksen, had passed away unexpectedly. The whole episode, he reflects on what his last words with his father were. Marshall kept on recalling moments that he thought were his last with his dad. Every moment had words that he wasn’t proud of, until he checked his phone, and saw a voicemail from his dad. His dad pocket dialed him, and when his dad realized he had did it, he told Marshall he loves him, but was immediately followed with a reminder about his foot cream, but he still said he loves him. In 2010, I came home from my friend’s house to find out my father had passed away. Watching this episode made me think about my last words with my dad, but I couldn’t remember. When I left for my friend’s house I didn’t even think about what happened, actually happening. I was supposed to go home a day earlier than what I was supposed to, but the door was locked and nobody answered, so my friend’s mom let me stay another night. I didn’t think about anything possibly being wrong. My eight year old self was clueless about what was to come the next morning, and I was living a good life until then. It never really crossed my mind about what my last words with my dad were until I watched that episode of How I Met Your Mother. I know they weren’t bad, because my dad and I were best friends. My last moments with my dad is one of those moments where you want to go back and relive it. This made me realize something, and that is to always stay on good terms with the people around you. You never know when a certain person may suddenly disappear, but when they do it’s the worst, especially someone you love. You shouldn’t be saying things like “I love you” every other second, but just in case someone leaves you, make sure they left you on a positive note.

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My dad passed away in 2010, and I got the inspiration from a tv show

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