May 14, 2017
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Have you ever had a friend that you thought was your friend? I do or at least I did, his name was Nate. He was about 4 feet tall and had a happy face more than a sad face seems like a normal guy you would think. Well he was not, the only time he smiled was when he was making fun of people that he did not like, which was just about every body. I asked him "why do you do those things?" he said "why do you do the things you do?" I keep thinking about those words. So I have come to realize it is not right to treat others different. You should treat others how you want to be treated.


One time I was walking by people in the hallway talking and laughing and I remember what they were talking and laughing about. I hated them for it. They were making fun of people they did not like. I said to myself why do you do those things, would you like if people made fun of you? I hate people for that, judging them before they get to know them. Then all of a sudden I see a figure not dark but bright cloths, walking by me,and I hear her mumble under her breath, hate this school I hate it, no one's like me so I hate them all. Why do I even bother? They are all weird. I was stunned not about that but about how many people talk about everyone they don't like in just a matter of minutes. I hate it absolutely hate it. Know one should be treated like that behind there back.

Another day when I was seven there was a kid who went to my old school and I hated him. Just about everybody did he was annoying, mean, disrespectful, and rude. He got on everybody's nerves all the time, mostly mine because he thought we were friends, which we were not. He would come up to me and tell me something, usually a mean joke about someone. He would do that because he did not like them because they were not like him in any way. I remember one time we were walking down the hallway, and he cut everyone in line just to get to me tell me something. He said," hey dude look I got this from that dude." I asked him," what is it?"he said,"it's a candy bar. I told him I will be your friend if you give me that candy bar, haha he so stupid." Then I said to myself why are you like that why? That's not right. Then that was the last time I ever talked to him.
Years ago I had a pet dog named Lennox. He was my best friend. I remember years ago during the Meade County Fair, you could win a huge dog that looked just like Lennox, black, overbite, white on the belly. Well I won it and I brought it home and there he was, just sitting there at the door way like he always does waiting for me. Then I showed him the dog and he started to bark and then I ask him," whats wrong boy?" Then I look at him then at the stuffed dog and I started laughing. He was a funny dog and I loved him for it and he loved me. We would eat together, play together, watch TV together, and sleep together. He was my best friend and the best dog in the whole world.


I have learned from these experiences to treat other people how you want to be treated. Have you ever had a friend that you thought was your friend, I did and still today we are not friends and we will never be. How would you feel? What would you think if someone was treating you with no respect behind your back? This is why people should treat other people with respect even if the dont like them.

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