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May 8, 2017
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We're all dreamers, in one way or another. Without a dream, we cannot be human. We can't live without a purpose. It's a fantasy that gives us life and hope even in the darkest of days. Take, for example, millionaires that came from dust and dirt all because they turned something intangible tangible. 

Without a dream, there is no motivation to pursue our talents and hobbies, and while we must fail endlessly to succeed, the end product is achievement. We devote everything to this goal of ours, whether it may be sports, music, or writing. 

So what is a dream? In some cases, it doesn't elicit enough passion, which causes people to turn their heads and hearts away from their ultimate desire. In others, it drives us insanely mad that we are not and will not be as talented as those who we aspire to be like. In the few chances, it is the perfect balance that propels us up and away from the common level into the stars we dreamed of reaching. 

See, while our ambitions may seem similar, like the millions of people who want to be famous singers, the drive and willpower to endure failure within is completely different. 

To me, the rejection to a prestigous writing camp crushed me. However, I learned from my mistakes and wrote day in and day out to improve. But to another, it could mean a defeat that would hang over you for months, telling you repetitively you weren't good enough to get in and that it was a waste of time and effort to try again. 

We could have the same dream of being a famous, best-selling author, but one rejection too many could push me away as you toil on. Incessantly, one works and loses while another is stranded after giving up on the one thing they wanted most in life. 

Is that a dream? By the very textbook definition, yes. It's a cherished aspiration and ideal to you, and an unrealistic, deluded fantasy to me. It means something different to everyone, but in the end, it is still a dream. 

Then, there's the dream of an escapist where it's less about achieving a talent-driven goal and more focused on your life goal. No matter what happens in life and in the present, all you want to do is escape to the place where you believe you'll be the happiest.

You could be rich, poor, or in the majority middle. You could be any race, any ethnicity. You could be homeless, living in a condo or a huge mansion, but there will always be something you wish you could change about your life. It could be traveling the world or becoming as rich as Bill Gates. It could be buying your dream car or house. Whatever it is, it's a place or state of mind that will finally give us peace.

Personally, my dream is to move to New Zealand. I think about the breathtaking ocean and awesome lifestyle, and overall, just how free I would feel. I've always felt trapped in my current conditions, but dreaming about going to New Zealand has given me a taste of what my life could be like, how light and happy I can finally be. I could experience pure bliss by the coast, where the waves crash against the rocks high and low. Serenity and peace would wash over me as I watch the ocean wash over the beach. Sure, I'm romanticizing a little bit, but who doesn't?

A dream is a chance to escape your reality. It's a slice of life that motivates you to endure the conditions you deal with. Yes, the reality can differ from your dream, but it's that aspiration and ideal you hold that makes you live. Without a dream to drive us through life, we are nothing.

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Luckystar78This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 11 at 5:47 pm
The "dream" theme is a lovely and poetic illustration: of a non-fiction complex, told in clever analogies; and beautiful images. Well done with this piece; and well done on the Editor's Badge !
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