Fried chicken

April 3, 2017
By DJ-MAC-C BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
DJ-MAC-C BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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Fried chicken is something we as humans really enjoy and get to consume. Everyone except the vegetarians. I know what you are thinking, “How does a person not consume meat.” When aroma of chicken being prepared hits your nose, it just makes your mouth water and your taste buds jumps with joy leaving you with a big appetite. The popping sound of the chicken being fried is sweet music to your ears, the sizzling and crackling makes you want to dance. After fried chicken is prepared, the smell it brings throughout the room is a sweet scent making everyone smile. Then, when the fried chicken is served on a plate with all of your other comfort food, it bring a cohesive look and complements the other foods. When you take your first bite into the crispy breading of the fried chicken it bring so much joy and an explosive flow into your mouth. After finishing your first piece, you might even ask for another piece of delicious fried chicken. After you are done eating, it leaves a delightful  after taste and a full and well pleased tummy. This is why some people’s favorite food is chicken people purchase their fried chicken many different places like their local Publix,KFC, Popeyes, Buffalo Wild Wings, PDQ, Chick fil A. Also french fries or rice is a good complement to chicken. Lots of people really love chicken and enjoy it. I know I do!!!!!!!!!!!

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