Why Work?

March 29, 2017
By , wilmington, DE

In the summer of 2014 I was 15 years old, and I just started working for a summer youth job at a summer camp called the learning lab. I was very excited to work because it was my first time working and I was excited to make my own money. My first day was fun, I got to meet my boss and all of the children, and everybody was so nice to me. Then I found out my cousin worked there and I really got happy, her and her boyfriend, now husband worked there. I set my schedule that day and I wanted to work mornings, so I work from 7-12.

As months went on and to summer camp was ending I was sad because I loved working at the summer camp. Everything was over and I had to leave. The following summer 2015 I worked at the same summer camp and I loved it, I was a very hard worker and I loved my job. Once again as the summer camp ended it the camp rolled over in a day care and aftercare program. My boss asked me to stay and I was so excited and happy that I got to keep my job.

In January of 2016 my old boss left and we got a new boss, she was much nicer and more leant. My paychecks kept rolling in more and more money and my mom told me to put money into the bank account but I never did. I kept telling my mom I kept spending money, and it was hard. Everybody in my family got on me about putting my money in the bank, whenever I got paid I would go out to dinner with my sister. I just loved working at the day care.

Months went on and certain things happened, like we got our van taken because it belonged to the previous owner. We had to have the kids got on school buses and we picked them up from their bus stops, it was hard but we made it work. We had difficult times with certain students because they would act out or get in fights (the boys). I made a lot of great friends at my job and they mean a lot to me. I was one of the young worker there and I respected everybody in the work place.

In May of 2016 the camp closed down because they didn’t have papers to say we were a day and after care. I was very upset because I was happy to work and get my own money. My mom was mad at me because I didn’t save any money and I should’ve listened to her. I have learned a lesson because now I am out of a job and I don’t have any money and I have to depend on my mom for money. I am grateful everything I have, and that my mom has taught me and all of the advice she has given me.

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