A Personal Experience

March 24, 2017

It is the summer of 2016, around August, a week before my birthday. I was leaving a friends house walking down Evergreen I was stopped by the Southfield police. They said they were looking for someone and I fit the description. The police and I were  standing there and they had called for a undercover to come but 2 other cop cars pulled up they had ran my name and checked me and they didnt find anything on me or on my name so i was let go. A hour later prior to that situation it happened again but we where in a bigger group coming from Westland and Evergreen so they stopped us and the second police car that pulled up was the same officers that had stopped me earlier that day. The Officers let us all go because we had a FootBall and we were on our way up to the park to play FootBall so they followed us and they had drove off later that day my Mama had came to pick me up in and we went out to Dearborn to go see a movie. I had wanted to get some snacks so we went to the gas station as we where pulling out the drive thru the police had got behind us and he had looked at our car and kept driving by Us, A couple minutes later he pulled in behind us at the gas station and he got out with his flashlight and shined it in the car and my little sister and brother was in the back of the car. the Officer told me to step out the car and my Mom was coming out the gas station and she was telling me to stay in the car so i did and he was talking to my mom and a few minutes later he drove off and we went back to the movie and after that we went home and that was the end of a wild crazy day like this. The experience it was weird because i got stopped 3 times in one day and it was wild like just in a different city and a diferent enviroment but as they say they are doing their jobs but it was weird to me and when we talked about it,We had started talking about what's going on in the world and it could've happened to aynone but it happened to me. It could've went totally different in the oppisite direction, but it didn't.

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