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March 18, 2017
By zariyabrown BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
zariyabrown BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Why is society like this? When you think about it nobody really has a great reason why society changed up on us. Today people have labels and are characterized by looks. When you see how bad our society got you would sit down and be like “Damn look at the world we are living in; that’s sad.” It’s sad waking up every morning and someone is dying over material things like clothes or phones. This is the world I try to survive in.

In this World I have a label as LGBTQ. I’m different from other people, but some just don’t understand. I don’t dress like others but my mom rather me dress up in clothes she likes. It’s kinda annoying because I don’t have a choice to wear it but I try to wear it in a different fashion. In society you can dress any way you want to but the problem is people are judged because they don’t have all the name brands. I myself try to change my style and try to show society that it’s ok to be different, especially with my sexuality.

My love for clothes is like an archaeologist in love with human history, you just can’t get enough. It’s like my clothes just sometimes tell me to wear them. When I tell my mom that she starts to think I’m crazy or something. I’m going to try to make something different. Wearing my own clothes is like being a free slave. My jeans have a mind of its own but it doesn’t really matter to me. The sweat pants I wear are piles of pillows. I just love my clothes.

I love going places but there is a problem. The problem is going out at night is bad because so many things can happen. Brooklyn is dangerous at night especially because of gang activity. Brooklyn has become a battle field. Well it’s dangerous at night everywhere you go… So many things can happen at night it’s scary. People are killed because of the people they hang with or what they look like. The wrong person with can end up having you apart of a war. I was part of a war myself because I chose to surround myself around gang members. I even watched my bro get shot and it messed me up for life.

We are living in a prison. This is what I wake up to every morning and it’s hard not to feel hopeless. I hope someone can be able to change that I just strongly hope it’s me.

The author's comments:

Seeing my friend get shot in front of my face made me overwhelmed with negativity, that along with the things I see on a daily basis. I had to channel the negativity into something creative.

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