February 27, 2017

No matter what happens,my eyes fixed on the skilfully embellished and intricate visage enclosing my so called brain without a tinge of materialistic interventions, seems to draw and channelise my erratic and lifeless but candescent psyche inundating with emotional endeavours that was once dreamt,lost and discarded and those that's been refurnished with a new hope that it might unfold on it's own by mysteriously mystic ways that'll never be even imagined by my infinitely finite thoughts into a complete and random state of bliss,awe and wonder,encompassing and embracing my small and seemingly unimportant and inferior joys that resonate in my head when I try to conquer and savour each moment as it happened for the very first time;grasping tightly onto those little pleasures in the most sincere and reassuring manner resorting to a place where only I could retreat myself into a state of purdah and heavenly aura..

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