I Live My Life by the Rhythm

February 13, 2017
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Classical is the music genre deemed “boring” and “geeky” by many. However, no one sees the passionate and breathtaking harmonies quite like I do; they're opportunities to express your sincerest emotions. I wait for the days when I can step out on stage, illuminated by the blinding white lights, and perform with the feeling of adrenaline in my blood. I live my life by the rhythm, the melodies, and the acoustics. I count rhythms I hear on the radio, finger through songs during class, and drift to sleep with the sounds of the clarinet ringing through my head.


I sat on stage blinded by the white spotlights and watched my conductor tearfully dedicate the next piece to the life his close friend.  He walked off stage, wiped his tears, and bravely returned to the stage embraced by the sound of applause. As he shakily lifted his baton the cue in the clarinets, I knew this would be the performance of a lifetime. We played the faintest softs and the most powerful louds, leading the audience to places that were previously unknown. And sure enough, when I listened to the last note ring through the auditorium, I could hear the sniffles coming from all the different people. In that moment, I realized more than ever the impact that classical music can imprint on everyone.

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