February 7, 2017
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I don't know why people pretent to be strong everytime even when they are feeling low, even when they know that the outcome of their acts isn't going to be good and that they are weak from inside: emotionally, mentally oar any other if you know. I've haven't been able to understand this though I try everyday, to every people I've known. Sometimes I feel I'm wasting my time and second I feel bad for them. I've been so attached to them now that I can't let them just suffer. But its never worthit. Its like talking to the air. They won't listen to me. After all, who the f*** am I? Yeah..who am I? Why am I even trying to convience them? They don't want to listen. Well to the question, I am the one who cares, who cared... and would still be caring no matter what. The fact is that, we always want things that are really difficult to get, and impossible to most of us. Well, it might be human nature.

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