An Open Letter to the World

November 25, 2016
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This is an open letter to the world,  as a sixteen year old, I go through alot and so does every other teenager. There are days when you feel like you're unworthy or uncapable. There are days when you just want to leave everything behind and just go. These days come up in everyone's life and are so important even though they cause so much pain. You see others succeed in what they're doing or pursuing, you see that one friend you truly loved break away from you and you feel like evrything around you is frozen. You feel like you're just stuck in something that you don't wanna be a part of at all. This definitely puts you down and you feel as if you're in a wrong place with the wrong people.

This does happen and is no big deal. At one point in my life, I used to get upset over the number of likes my other friends would get on their social media accounts and also would get upset over the fact that they're having the times of their lives at clubs and parties. I did try being that person and felt so out of place and that broke me down. I felt that I wasn't like my friends and I couldn't digest that fact. I tried being someone who I wasn't and tried to do something that I thought would make me different. And after a month or so, I gave up trying and I am so glad I did.

I got over the whole social media crisis and started appreciating the littlest things in life and nothing made me happier cause when I greeted the guard at the gate of my residence, he gave me one of the brightest smiles that I had recieved that day. Nothing could beat that genuine smile. I realised how silly I was for being someone I was not and trying hard to satisfy everyone around me. I realised that being myself, makes me happy. Now, I don't care about being judged or laughed at. At this point of my life, I've met some great people who love me for who I am and are actually there for me and I really don't know what I have done to deserve them. And yes, all the bad times that you go through in high school; it is just a phase, I guess. I am still living in one phase of my life that I'm not getting enough of.

All the negative thoughts do come up often and I've blocked them. So can you, You'll find good and bad in this world and you definitely can tackle it all. It's fine to feel all what I've mentioned and all we hae to do is stand strong to be who we are to face this world of challenges and rewards. Be the reason of someone's laughter than being someone's reason for insecurity and the day you do that, you'll feel as cheerful as ever. <3

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