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My Story

By , Seoul , Korea, Republic of

Bullies don’t only bully me, but also my family.
I had been hiding well, but one day, I just couldn’t stand anymore.
I made a declaration at home that I just can’t let it go anymore.
I said: “I am not going to school anymore.”

My mom was shocked at first, and she asked me what actually happened.
She managed to control her tears in her lake deep in her mind, but I could tell that her heart was about to be broken.

Skipping one day is hard, but once you’ve started, it is easy to drive it further.
I skipped days after days, and I felt more miserable when none of my classmates even cared.
One day, I went to school, just to stay there like a dull doll.
And the lunch time came.
I opened my lunch box, and I wondered:
‘What would my mom have thought when she was cooking this?
Maybe this rice has tears absorbed in it.
Maybe this piece of potato is soaked in her tears.’
‘How would my mom feel waking up everyday? Probably a nightmare of praying that her daughter would not be in pain.’

Bullies don’t only bully me, but also my family.
I feel so sad for my family.
They don’t deserve this.
But sorry, I don’t want to go to school.

But days have past. 

And I realised that I should be strong.
It is tough, but I didn’t want to hurt my family.
I knew I was shy, but I had to speak up, because bullies are something but not everything. They are worth nothing. 
Are they insurmountable?
Their ignorance never can step on me.
I am stronger.
And they should immediately quit bullying me, because now I will stand up and don’t let them crush my dreams.

We are like distant mountains in another world.

Bullies cannot ever reach us and never climb us. 

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