The Grand Mistake.

March 17, 2014
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See, we all have this misinterpretation of the "Perfection" of Government and higher standings; a misinterpretation that I, recently, have caught myself realizing and falling under. Through watching the public, and viewing people's interactions, I realize something that I believe is fogged to the minds of others aswell.
The difference in thoughts began one day as I began to feel hungry, noticing the skittles lying solemly at the store ready to be eaten, I realized that was my destiny- A God-send. I reached carefully in my pocket, pulled out the change and delegant pocket lint, and began to count the little that I had remaining. One dollar and fifty-seven cents; just enough for the skittles, then some pennies to send rolling down the hallway.

“Hello boy! Just this for you today?”
“Yes sir” I said respectfully eyeing the skittles as they cruise down the belt.
“Alrighty! That will be one dollar, and fifty cents.” The cashier then thrust out his selfish and money stingy hand.
“Here you are.” I never really understood the enthusiasm of cashiers, yet the greed they so stealthfully intrigue.

I nodded at the man, took the candy off from the belt, and hastily began to open them up.

Green was my favorite. Always has been.
Everytime I get a pack of skittles I always pour a few into my hand, look decidingly at the popping colors, eat the ones I hate first, then eat the green and orange ones last; they always say to save the best for last!

As I was making my merry way home, I poured a few into my hand only to notice something that wasn’t a skittle come tumbling out of the bag. It was a different piece of candy that had accidentally been thrown in with the bag of skittles. At that point I realized something that I really never came to understand.
Big wigs,
They all have there flaws as well.
Moral of the story; just because something is of higher standing then you, never means it is better then you.

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