September 25, 2013
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The car window was cold. I put under my head my sweater and tried to fall asleep again. It was freezing and it was dark.
We were almost there. I love mountains in winter. Everything was white - houses, trees, fields... Everything was covered by snow. Unfortunately roads too.
My dad was driving and my brother was siting in the front seat. I had all backseat for myself. I was looking outside and enjoying the view.
I was looking forward to go to the bed. GPS said that we would be there in 30 minutes. Our hotel was small, warm, in middle of nowhere and with a tasty food (or at least I hoped so].
We needed to turn of the main road to some small, straggly road. Everywhere was snow. The road was very steep and it wasn't easy to drive.
We stopped. We were stuck in the snow.
Dad opened the door and went outside to look what happened.
I was still half sleeping, but what happened next I would never forget.
The car started to move. Backwards.
My heart stopped for a minute.
My dad was trying to stop the car, but he had no chance.
"Oh my god. I will die." That was my first thought. I knew there was a curve only few meters behind us.
I wasn't very thinking. I just tried to save ourself - my brother's and mine life.
I put off my seatbelt and climbed to driver's seat.
I helt the wheel. I do not drive yet so I did not know what to do.
"WHERE IS THE BRAKE?! WHERE IS IT?!" I was yelling.

I don't know how, but the car stopped. I think I just moved with the wheel and that helped.
I was sitting there and breathing deeply.
"I am alive. WE are alive."

When you are close to death (or at least you think you are), you realize so many things. Things that really matter. You realize how easy is to lose loved person...

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