September 23, 2013
By ganman SILVER, Lincoln, Rhode Island
ganman SILVER, Lincoln, Rhode Island
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The crickets start chirping their god damn annoying chirp as the tip of the sun tucks under the blanket of red and orange leaved trees. As the sun tucked in, so was I under my detergent smelling red and blue down comforter. For a few minutes I stare at the glow in the dark stars and moon on my ceiling examining each and every ripped corner or stained paint on my ceiling.

As I reach to swipe my book from under my bed, I hear my door start creaking open and a whiff of minty fresh toothpaste burns my nose. Instantly, I drop dead.
“Dennis”, whispers my mom, “are you up still?”
I’m using all my will-power to not crack up right as she turns her head and tip toes away. Finally, I let loose into the world of Legend, by Marie Lu. Time flies as quickly as a chipmunk dashing for the last nut before winter.
“Tick, tock. Tick, tock.” The bathroom clock down the hall that usually annoys me every night now reminds me of the bomb exploding in 3, 2, 1. I gasp, did that actually just happen?

Luckily, at that moment, I let out a deafening yawn that wakes me from my trance. Thinking only 30 minutes has passed since the start of my read, I glance over at my clock to find a bigger surprise than the one in the book.
“3:30 a.m.” my mind shrieks. My brain breaks out into a deadly war between the side that is determined to finish the 200 more pages of my book, and the army who is already sleeping and just wants to settle down. Unfortunately, the cranky exhausted part of my brain wins the fight and I slip my book back under my bed.

All night I dream about the explosion. Who got hurt? Will they escape? On a good note, I also dream about the main character’ girlfriend, who, from the description, would be perfect for me. Long light brown hair that is always, for some reason, flowing in a light breeze as if on a runway modeling. As the night goes on, my dreams shift from the book, to food, to sports, to crazy unicorns on unicycles with monkeys chasing me in the desert. Wow, what a nightmare that was. Finally after all this passes my mind simply turns to darkness, my body goes limp, and,
“Beep, beep, beep”. My alarm clock blasts in my ear and I lean up already regretting staying up until nearly 3:45 just to read a book that could’ve waited until tonight.

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