Something I have yet to perfect.

March 7, 2013
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Q: How do you get over a guy?

That is something I have yet to perfect.. You just have to submerse yourself into other things and just tell yourself that you’re better off without them in the end. Eat lots of ice cream to mend broken and loose ends that you may be feeling inside. Jam out to your favorite band and dance and sing along with their songs (for me it’s All Time Low) and maybe listen to some sad songs that will make you cry (I have a list if you want a few suggestions). But in the end, there’s really no exact science in how you get over someone, everyone heals differently and for different reasons depending on how the end of that relationship affected you altogether. We have to rebuild our fragile walls that we sometimes so easily take down for others. You WILL be ok, never forget that! You always have a few great friends to back on, and ready to listen when you’re ready. Vent your feelings, get that out rather than leave it all bottled up inside. Scream your lungs out, cry hysterically, laugh your ass off. Do whatever you have to until you feel ok again. Don’t give up. It does take time, whether it’s one night or one month. But do not close in on yourself; get back out there, even if it’s just with friends.

Even though I myself haven’t quite mastered and perfected the process of getting over a guy myself, it doesn’t mean you can’t find your own way. These are just some thoughts written down. Try them. Try something new. Be daring. But whatever you do, NEVER forget… YOU WILL BE OK, DON’T GIVE UP!

A Lovesick Fool

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