Getting your house broke into

December 11, 2012
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Getting your house broke into is a very scary thing to experience. It happened to me, my mom, and her boyfriend. I came home from school and no one was home. The front door, the down stairs door were both wide open. My family always lock the doors and make sure they are locked. Coming home to all the doors being opened and things being moved around. It is very scary no knowing what is going on.
I called my mom right when I got home to figure out what was going on and she did not know, so she called her boyfriend to see if he left the doors open on accident, and he said that he did not leave them open, so he rushed home, grabbed his pistil, and searched the house from top to bottom, not knowing if the people is still in the house. He did not see any one and none of the windows were broke, so we still don't know who broke into my house.
The people that broke in did not take anything, they just moved things in our house to a different place. We did not call the police because we are waiting to see if they come back or not. My mom said that if they come back, then she will call the cops and feel out a police report about our house being broken into.

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