My Favorite Desserts

November 27, 2012
My first is a banana cream pie. My older sister made it one time; I fell in love with it. It’s made with a rich thick pudding which makes it taste really good. Every Christmas I ask my sister to make it for me. I always put extra bananas on mine and it always makes it better.

My second is a pineapple whipped cream cake. My brother made one for his girlfriend’s 21st birthday. It became a little tradition; my family uses it for every 21st birthdays now. It has pineapple inside the cake as well as on top. If it’s served with melted hot ice cream it’s truly sweet. It is a real enjoyment every time it’s made.

My last favorite is a traditional pumpkin pie. My aunt sometimes makes it homemade or she buys it from the store. It can be used for any holiday like Halloween, New Year’s, thanksgiving, Christmas etc. it has a unquestionably taste of pumpkin. It tastes so much better with lots of cool whip and no crust. I think its way better if it’s homemade than bought.

There are many different kinds of fruity desserts. Many people like different fruit desserts. These are my top most favorite.

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