He Lived

October 22, 2012
By , Saint Paul, MN
She called; I answered. She cried, she told. I listened. She fretted. I asked; she answered; I fretted. She worried, she cried. I requested; she agreed. She gave.

I asked. He answered. I accused; he admitted. I inquired; he told; I sympathized. I asked. He clarified. I hoped; he elaborated. I worried; he agreed. I fretted - I loved! I told. He reciprocated, whispered, thanked. I smiled, I thought, I recited. He thanked, whispered, thanked, thanked, thanked. I asked; he replied. I worried, I begged. He promised. I hoped; he agreed. We left.

He came; she came; I came. She hugged. I hugged. He hugged. We laughed, smiled, rejoiced: He lived.

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