The Status Epedemic

October 14, 2012
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The Status Epidemic

Have you really ever noticed how often someone is either on the phone or has a phone in their hand? We live in a time where not people think not knowing every second of everyone’s life is a tragedy. Facebook has taught us that it’s okay to update your “status” every second of every day. But who actually cares about that? Who cares that you’re making cookies with your mom and it was “such a bonding experience”? Or the fact that John Smith went from being in a relationship to single. The honest truth is that nobody cares! I’m sure as you scroll through your Facebook feed or check your twitter updates that you roll your eyes. So why is it that we encourage this to go on? The cause of all our problems it that that people are able to share about their lives at any time they want.

According to Online Schools, on average in 20 minutes on Facebook there are 1,587,000 wall posts. That’s over a million people! We encourage our society to post about how “I love my girlfriend sooo much”, even though according to their Facebook page they only started dating yesterday. Facebook and Twitter have made it so that people are used to posting about the little moments that when something major happens it’s glossed over without a second thought. Teenagers never learned how to appreciate a big moment in someone’s life because they read all these small events and link them as one and the same with the monumental ones.

If this problem isn’t solved our world will implode on itself. No one will know what it’s like to have privacy and meaning in their life. If the leaders of this world don’t solve this soon I think I’ll have to step up to the plate and become a vigilante. Going around one by one and blowing up every computer and phone in the world is the only logical way to solve this travesty. Human beings are missing out on the quintessential moments in life because they are too busy focusing on a picture of someone’s dog.

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