The Innocence of a Child

October 4, 2012
By screennamesoyouknowitsreal BRONZE, Auburn, New York
screennamesoyouknowitsreal BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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From my experience I learned that the innocence of being a little child is very important and that everyone should have or do something that makes them feel like a little kid again. When people are young they have many things that make them feel young. One of mine was, Santa Claus.

I remember on Christmas Eve I would lie in my bed for hours because I was so excited to get presents in the morning. When I was a kid all I would wonder is where Santa was and when he was going to deliver me presents. I would wonder if he was going to eat my cookies and if he was going to like them. I remember one year my mom spilled the milk and made a stain on the rug but she told me, my brother, and my sister that Santa did it. It made me wonder why he wouldn’t clean it up because when I was little all I heard was good things about Santa. That was one of the things that made me question if he was real. But I still had hope and I still believed in him. As I would lie there I swear I could hear the reindeer landing on my roof. But it was all in my head, my mind was playing tricks on me, but I was too young to realize that. A few years later, after I swore I heard Santa, I got some shocking, sad news that made me feel like I wasn’t a child anymore and that I needed to grow up. I found out that Santa wasn’t real.

I sat there and wondered how my parents could just lie to me like that, but later on I came to realize that they lied to me so I would feel like a little kid and so I had something to believe in. I would lie there waiting for Santa, not knowing my parents were in the other room wrapping up all of my presents and writing Santa on some of the tags. I find it crazy that I help my mom wrap my little brothers presents from Santa on Christmas Eve now while he lies in his bed probably thinking the same things I did when I was young.

Everyone needs something to make them feel young and innocent. For me, it’s watching cartoons. When I was a kid I used to always watch cartoons and I still do. They bring me back to the days when Santa, the Easter Bunny, and all those fictional characters were real. Some things don’t change for a reason, and me watching cartoons will never change. They are a symbol of my childhood.

The innocence of being a little child is important and everyone needs something to make them feel young again. Being older and not having something that makes you feel young must be pretty boring. Cartoons will keep me young forever.

The author's comments:
I miss being a child.

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