Does Blood Choose Your Family Or Do You?

October 4, 2012
By becca_chalp BRONZE, Auburn, New York
becca_chalp BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Does Blood Choose Your Family Or Do You?

Does blood choose your family for you? Their was a time in life when I thought blood was stronger than friendship. But something happened were it changed my point of view on that. I believe blood means nothing to choosing family, it matters on who is their for you in life, and who is not. So to me you can fake your feeling for someone.

My grandma passed away on Monday at 2:35 on September 10, 2012. This I thought would bring my whole family together and closer. It sort of just pulled us apart. I believe when people drink that the truth starts to come out. In some ways I believe that statement is true.

My whole life my relationship has been kind of rocky with my family. Their have been fights, happy days, and days where we don’t want to be apart from each other. I like our happy days. I believed at one point that my family was different than others, that we were always happy and loved one another. I never believed ever that one day our family would ever start to divide into sides. Until a few days ago.

My grandparents always kept our family together, because Ukrainian’s are very family-oriented people, I believe. My grandpa passed away almost two years ago, and my grandma just passed. My grandpa was my hero, I loved him to the point I wish God took me instead of him. He was such a sweet, caring man. My grandparents were very big on religion, and for that they keep my faith strong.

When my grandpa passed away my cousin Erin and I grew a lot closer. Erin is like a best friend to me, I would take a bullet for her. My sister Rachel and I have grown close throughout these few years, I don’t know what I would do without her. Erin and Rachel share the same blood as me and that makes our relationship a whole lot special. Not every day someone can say there best friends with two amazing girls like I am.

But blood does not always bind you to who you’re the closest too. Me, I believe that I am closer to some of my friends than I am to some of my family. The people I trust the most with my life are, my brother’s Brian and Scott, my sister Rachel, my Parents, Shawna, Erin, Dustin, Mitch and Shaun. These are the people I can trust the most and it’s not very many. I don’t trust many people in this world anymore.

The other night, the night of my grandma’s funeral, I was babysitting my cousin for my aunt, so she could enjoy more time with my family. Then later that night after coming home from a night of fun she told me I knew nothing that I was a 15 year old punk. She said this for no reason at all, I was only trying to help her at the time. My own Aunt said this to me and it hurt me. I’m in a fight with her right now. I wish I wasn’t but she had no right to hurt me like that. So even blood relatives can be the ones who hurt you the most. Aren’t they suppose to be the ones to stop you from getting hurt? Not try to hurt you or insult you? After that, I kind of do not want my aunt in my life. That night I grew a lot more resepect for my friend Dustin who picked me up from the hotel at 1:30 in the morning to take me home. He lets me cry on his shoulder when I need to and he is always here for me. Mitch and Shaun and Erin will let me text them when I need advice. My brothers would do anything in the world to protect me along with my parents. Rachel she will always be there for me and help me when needed. That Is what family is.

So I believe blood does not choose your family for you, you can choose your own family. The people I have talked about throughout this who have been there for me are my family, nobody else. You can choose your own path and your destiny and people to love and they are who I choose. I choose my friends and my parents and siblings, nobody else.

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