My Dearest Enemies

October 17, 2012
By Kiersten Britton BRONZE, Pennsboro, West Virginia
Kiersten Britton BRONZE, Pennsboro, West Virginia
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You sit there in your houses cooking up a plan; a plan that could destroy a person’s reputation several times over. I know your every intension and what you have in store for me. Hate fills your veins with fire, and once it’s released from between those overactive lips, you will make life a living hell. I’ve seen you do it before.

Criticizations come from every aspect of your dark and immature minds. Those opinionated mindsets call for an enormous attitude full of pride and gratitude. In your minds, I have come to the conclusion you think you aristocratic, at the top of the game. The more I am ruined, the higher up on the food chain you think you rise. Like vipers, you gravely stalk prey before you strike, making sure you cover their footsteps efficiently.

Selfishness rules your souls, and the hunger you for attention is never satisfied. What you want;you lie, cheat, and steal to get when others work hard for what they obtain. Oh, how foolish you are, but I know you’ll get your punishment on judgement day.

If they don’t get your way, the gluttony for attention rises rapidly, and it’s only a matter of time before you have to fire another rumor from those big, athletic mouths. How dare anyone steal the spotlight?

You pressure to make me change, and make it clear I’m not good enough. With the raise of their brow and a grotesque expression, you claim “You’re not pretty enough,” “You’re too fat,” “You’re worthless,” and it really takes a toll on my self-esteem, but their words don’t hurt me anymore. It just justifies the fact that maybe you aren’t good enough for me. You will never reach my standards.

Throughout the years I have faced your inflicted pain. You have made my family and I suffer for your crimes. Suicidal thoughts used to fill my head frequently as I aged, and I felt completely worthless and unaccepted by you. It was getting too much. I had to break from the deepest pit of depression due to them. If I was accepted, then maybe we could have coexisted. Ha! That’s not possible.

I spent long nights crying and many days not talking to anyone. I became antisocial. No longer did I trust or feel comfortable around people at all. People actaully began to scare me. All of those different personalities, you never know which one to trust. You never know which one can ruin you like you did me. It took a long time to realize your tricks, but now that I have, I have risen.

Fights took place often, and I have been stalked, defaced, hurt, and heartbroken. I had never been knocked down so low then I was my freshman year of high school. Remember? The day you attacked me. I had to get out. So, I transferred and dropped contact with you. Some say I took the easy way out. That I should have just taken your immature crap and catered to you. I asked myself what would be the better decision. Leaving you, or suicide. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you didn’t knock me down far enough.

So, to my so called “family”, thank you for being the immature jerks you have been. Without your criticizations, your selfishness, your lack of heart, accessive need for attention, and disgusting self pride you have, I would not be here today. I would still be there helping you revolting people and being miserable.

I am proud to say I got out, and I rose above you. I have never been so happy in my entire life. Happy is an understatement. Knowing that you can’t hurt me anymore makes breathing so much easier, for abuse will never again be inflicted. Sure I hear of your rumors you’re still spreading but I have some advice; Give it up. You’re not better than anyone, and not in charge of my life anymore. You are on your own.

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