False Teaching

October 9, 2012
By BreRaeB BRONZE, Niceville, Florida
BreRaeB BRONZE, Niceville, Florida
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They tell us when we are little to never give up, that there are these things called hopes, dreams, miracles and freedom. Suddenly, that isn’t so. You’ve got a dream? Let me crush it with the realization that it could never happen. See when you are little, they don’t tell you that 99% of the time, the cons outweigh the pros. That sometimes dreaming isn’t enough to pay the bills and support yourself. But you are taught to keep dreaming, never give up. You weren’t told to stop when you get too far in. Too invested into something so unreal, you look like a fool. I bet you’ve heard that the world is what you make it out to be. Wrong. We are just people here, floating on by. We go through the motions. We don’t choose how to see the world, the world sees us. For who we are and who we could have been.

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