The Ramblings of a Lamp

September 5, 2012
Nope--no--up a little bit--over there--to the side--aha there you go. Creature #1 with cold, clammy hands fuddles for my switch, and eventually finds it. Creature #1 turns me once, twice, three times to my highest level. I flood the whole world with a bright yellow light, and the room is suddenly filled with my echo. Creature #2 enters after a few minutes of Creature #1 petting Creature #3, which is short, furry, and unnecessarily loud. Creature #2 sits down by my feet and gently spins my shade around and around while talking to Creature #1. The three creatures sit for a while in my glowing haze, and they absorb the light which I provide. They worship me and thank me for all that I do (at least, that's what I think they're saying). Sometimes they even stay with me the whole night, and I bathe them in my warm light and watch over their sleep. But not tonight. Tonight, they leave the room, and for next long period of time, all I do is sit and spend the next few hours talking to Mr. Time Turner and Mrs. Tella Vision. We debate politics, and sometimes, Mr. Sof A. Chair chimes in. When we have discussed all there is to discuss, my competitor (whom I have nicknamed Big Shade) streams through the windows, and seems to blast my projected light away. After my daily dose of humiliation, Creature #1 appears and fiddles for my switch. She turns me off, and I sit in defeat, ready to rest for the night.

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