Hidden Meanings

August 24, 2012
By Candace Sowle SILVER, Frisco, Texas
Candace Sowle SILVER, Frisco, Texas
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What power lies between two lines so thin? He who first advised to read between the lines was not followed with the vigor that he deserved. For between your lines of lips lies the answer to every curiosity rattling in my mind. Lips, in themselves, are underestimated. For centuries man has struggled in a war between heart and mind. They hope to listen to find their salvation. But listen to things no more! Let lips, who speak for both the heart and the mind, finally have the freedom to take action. It is lips which create the words of reason. It is lips which caress to portray the emotion of love. If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, then the lips are the bridge which connect two souls and form one. Let what comes from the lips determine what is to be read. For between those two lines, the truth is screaming to reach open air, whether in sound or touch. The need for release is unbearable. You have succumbed to this plea, to let your lips speak to mine and take us on a journey into the soul of eternity. But alas, our lips part, and I am blind, with no knowledge of whether your kiss spoke of truth or lies. So I shall wait here, lips ajar, for you to return. You know what lies within my soul. All you must do is read between my lines.

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