I Write to Create Ghosts

August 16, 2012
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Floating silently, body invisible, the ghost trails behind its victim like a lost puppy. Unbeknownst to the victim, the ghost has influenced his past and present, and will influence his future. The ghost acts as his guardian angel, or sometimes, his grim reaper. Every "A" on a test. Every trip or stumble on the sidewalk has been caused by this ghost. Every twenty dollar bill found at a gas station. Every happy moment. Every sad one. Every smile. Tear. Breath.

The ghost possesses its victim, controlling every blink of the eye, hand reaching out to grasp a cup, toes curling into soft fabric and face scrunching up when a awful smell wafts through the room. Thoughts fabricate in both the victim's and the ghost's mind. Together, they make decisions. The words "I" and "mine" really imply "we" and "ours." The ghost never leaves his victim alone...

In a few days, the ghost's powers ignite and expand to great lengths. Not only does it control its victim, but also his friends, family, and enemies. The power radiating from the floating ectoplasm becomes so colossal that it begins to bend the world to its will. The ghosts mood determines whether it rains or shines--controlling love and hate and life and death. The laws of physics are merely a joke.

I am that ghost.

My imagination pulls the Marionette strings of my stories. I follow my characters' movements from the moment they are created. When they take their first steps, I am there to cheer them on. At the beginning of their hero journey, I am there, giving them a nudge of encouragement. When they are in a dark, lonely tunnel, I am the spark of hope that infiltrates their mind. I am the anger they feel when someone close to them is hurt.

I like to write to birth life. My character's world is my world, and my world is the origin of theirs. Their pain is my pain. Their happiness is my happiness. I like to write because writing is my silent ghost. Floating silently. Body invisible.

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