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August 15, 2012
There are many wonderful things in the world. There are countless goods, belongings, and possessions that bring a person elation, contentment, and joy. One person can find happiness and satisfaction in owning the coolest clothes or the best hair, while others can by purchasing the newest boat or the biggest house. But there is one thing we can all agree on. Something that everybody loves. One thing that none of us can live without…food. And the best kind of food, mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

What’s better than coming home to flawless, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies, made with love, and topped off with a tall glass of cold milk? There is nothing like homemade goodness that’s so familiar and comforting. It can bring back memories of good old times in the kitchen with mom, eating too much dough, and then too many cookies. It can bring back memories of family outings, picnics, field trips, and after-school snacks. There’s something special about that golden, edible perfection on a plate.

A good chocolate chip cookie can change your mood in a second. Think about eating one. When you take that first gooey bite you feel as if everything is right with the world. It is the best kind of ‘comforting food.’ Its slight outer crisp, its chewy inside texture that quickly evolves into a velvet milk chocolate river as it liquefies in your mouth and cascades down your gullet. As the savory chips melt away, so do your worries. The delight of biting into one of these divine gifts brings a warm bliss to every man, woman, and child. The pure sweetness brings a smile to even the grumpiest of old men. Chocolate chip cookies are unaltered happiness you can hold in your hands.

A diet including chocolate chip cookies is practically essential. Besides, who can resist a beautiful pile of pillowy goodness. They are unlike anything else. Nothing else stimulates the five senses so dramatically. See the cookie, smell the cookie, feel the cookie, devour the cookie, hear your squeals as you exclaim how mouth-watering it was. Mom’s cookies contain the perfect blend of ingredients. All the varying components make each result delicious, unique, and powerful. They leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Understandably, a lot of self-control will have to be practiced in order to not stuff your face with the beauty of it all. Many people think if you eat a lot of cookies you’ll get fat. Well, it’s called exercise. And you don’t have to eat them all or how are others going to share in the pure delightfulness? Contrary to some beliefs, chocolate actually provides health benefits. It contains large amounts of antioxidants, benefits the circulatory system, helps prevent cancer, stimulates the brain, and prevents coughing.

Other people believe the sugar will rot your teeth. Apparently those people don’t know what a toothbrush and dental floss is. This clearly isn’t a problem if you know good hygiene. The same goes for individuals who preach that you will get acne from eating too many cookies. You can get acne from touching your face and I bet they can’t say they’ve never done that. All these problems go back to simply taking care of yourselves, which is the solution. The solution does not involve not eating cookies, which makes the world a better place.

Some people just simply don’t like chocolate chip cookies. Some people just simply must have been born without taste-buds. No, we all respect differences but what’s not to like here? As before mentioned, nothing’s sweeter than chocolate chip cookies. It’s like a deposit of pure gold in your grasp. And the treasure one finds when claiming it, are worth all the searching in the world. Who needs Christmas and birthdays when you have cookies.

Mom’s chocolate chip cookies are the best because they are rich and savory, traditional and comforting, soft and chewy. There are innumerous words to describe them, there are so many wonderful things about them. First and foremost-the taste, then the smell, then the satisfaction they deliver, and then even the very sight. Not only this but they revive good old times and hold a special place in your heart. A dream is a wish your heart makes and a chocolate chip cookie is the answer your mouth eats. They are a rarity, delicious, gooey, puffy, warming, extremely enjoyable, delightful, sweet, abundant, filling, delectable, and magnificently mouth-watering. They make one cheerful on the outside and the inside. And that is why, obviously, mom’s chocolate chip cookies are the best.

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