The Best Day of My Life

August 14, 2012
By Vanilladaze BRONZE, Noida, Other
Vanilladaze BRONZE, Noida, Other
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In the morning when I woke, the sun was coming through with warm optimism. I leaped out of bed with gusto. Excitement pulsated in my veins and I couldn’t keep still- I would finally get to see my baby brother today, I kept thinking joyously. After a hurried breakfast, my father and I rushed to the hospital, mirroring each other’s grin.
‘Mummy!’ I beamed before my eyes sighted a ball of mismatched and vibrant clothing. A tiny face with twinkling chocolate eyes, strands of spiky black hair and pudgy cheeks was peeking out of the jumble. A small scream of glee escaped me as I looked at my brother- so small and adorable. That’s when I became a big sister and to this day, the memories of that 22 February remain vividly inscribed in my memory.

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