A Thankful Teen

June 11, 2012
By avina BRONZE, Sacramento, California
avina BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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A lot of young teenagers believed life to be a long boring fairytale. To me, being brought into this world isn’t luck, it’s a blessing. I am a fourteen year old girl who loves to spend time with her family, and try to exclude friends. I haven’t experienced a lot yet but I hope to get the car of my dreams so I could travel the world. When I was younger my grandma pushed me further in life and helped me get through with courage and bravery. Ever since I was five, I’ve dreamed about being a professional basketball player. It keeps me active and healthy which will put an extensive act on my future.

During my spare time I like to catch up on my family matters. Some people may think heroes aren’t real but there are thousands of them right by you. Who are my heroes? The ones who have always been there, my family. Through thick and thin, my family has always made me who I am today, a very thankful teenager. If I didn’t have a shoulder to cry on or someone to release my thoughts upon, then I’m practically nothing. This picture brings back all of the good memories we shared together. Parties, vacations, holidays, birthdays. E very little thing my family does reflects on how I feel. In other words, anything they do, I want to be a part of. I know my parents care so much for me that’s why they can be strict about certain situations. It’s not just that, they also reward me for when I do something good, like trying to achieve my goals. Every summer, our whole family gets together for the most beautiful road trip (camping for the week).

Something I used to always frown upon was my height. Until I realized how much it didn’t really matter. Just because I’m small doesn’t mean I can’t have a hobby or even a favorite sport. As you can see, basketball is definitely my favorite sport. Where did I get all my skills from? My dad. He has always been there for me when it comes to basketball. He fills with justice, which makes me feel like I have a lot of pride in myself. Not only does my dad cheer me on but he helps me practice and gives me full support in all the decisions I make. How I feel about basketball isn’t just a game, it’s the love of the sport. No matter how many times I get pushed or shoved down, I will always get back on my feet under any circumstance! I don’t care how hard o if people lift me up just to push me back down, you can’t stop me, or keep me away from the ball.
All has been said, I am very thankful. I have so many opportunities, and dreams to fill. My family is my prized possession, my everything. Every little argument, fight or situation we get into. I will always love them, and every single moment. Just embrace everyone’s presence. Honestly, what is life without friends or family? No one should be pushing their selves out of life’s way. As long as you have respect for yourself and others, there is no reason why you should regret life. This goes for anyone in that matter.

Many teenagers nowadays hate their life but they just say that because they’re stressed or obviously depressed about something that came to them over time or even in their past. That shouldn’t even come to mind, life should be filled with happiness and a lot of humor. You can’t just let things get to you. Don’t take a step back, take a step forward. Because when you need a shoulder, your family will be there right by your side. LEt people guide you and accept the fact that they're there for you, awalys. Just remember life isn’t something to be sad or mad about or even regret, it’s something you should be thankful for.

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jeffmj77 said...
on Sep. 18 2013 at 10:22 am
I love this.  You took the personal essay and made it your own.  I'm going to share it with my 9th graders today.

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