June 11, 2012
By , Nooksack, WA
Forever and Always


I honestly don’t know where to start. Our whole lives we’ve been complete opposites. We’ve lived under separate roofs, you have blonde hair I have brown, you’re a shorty and I’m tall, different moms, different views from our windows, and two uniquely different personalities. But, there is one thing we have in common, and that’s that we share the amazing bond of being sisters.

Ever since I was little, I remember ALWAYS wanting to be with my sister. I would cry when we’d leave your house screaming “Hey Buddy!” (Which was my special nickname for you). Even if it was just sitting there, talking about everything but nothing at all, I always had a blast with you. I’ve never had so much fun, or shared so many genuine laughs with one person in my entire life.

One of my favorite memories of us, one that sticks out to me, was when we drove cross country to Florida in the truck last summer. The whole trip was a comedy show in itself. We almost crashed into some cones at the weigh station going 80 M.P.H. and only THEN, would dad wake up from his deep sleep. When we left you in Florida, I cried. I know that sounds pathetic since I was going to see you the next week, but that’s just how much I truly loved being with you.

And then there’s just the general times we shared. Like “bompin” in the car, night swimming in Penticton, almost backing over small children, getting kicked off a water slide because we cut all the kids in front of us, playing “airplane”, cruising around in the samari, eating tamales, and so many more. When we were together, there was never a dull moment.

Judging by how well we got along, I always believed you were the only person who truly understood me. When I went through rough patches with mom, you were always by my side, lending me a shoulder to cry on. You knew that I’d do the same for you. When dad was being a jerk about something, you’d sympathize with me. You had gone through the same thing when you were growing up, and you always had a piece of advice to offer up. I loved that about you.

I also admire you far more than anyone. You touched me in a way nobody else could. One of the reasons to admire you was because you were always a huge dreamer. You’d come up with new ideas constantly, new schemes, places to go, things to do. I remember you telling me you wanted to start a reality show where instead of “Jersey Shore” it would be “The Nooksack River”. We could all camp down at the river for a summer and show Jersey Shore how it’s really done, hick style. Another one of your crazy ideas was trying out for the LFL, otherwise known as the Lingerie Football League. I couldn’t help but think you were out of your mind for wanting to do this. But you had that little sparkle in your eye and I knew no matter what, this was something you were going to do whether anyone else approved or not. You dreamt about doing the unimaginable, something I, and most other people don’t do as much as we should.

And even though a lot of your dreams never came true, there was on that did, and that was getting out of the small town of Sumas. Forever you’d complain about, it. The people, the way they talk behind every ones backs, you hated that the most. You wanted to get out and live in a place where you would finally be happy. And your escape was Florida. I didn’t want you to go, but I let you because I know that was the ultimate way for you to be happy. You had a way of obtaining friends wherever you traveled. It was almost as strong as the force of two magnets attracting. You loved a good adventure, and no matter where you went, that’s what you received. Another reason I admired you was because you always had the best advice to give to anybody. You had a way to find just the right words to say. When I thought my heart was completely broken because of some guy you would say something like, “You’re my sister and girls in this family don’t cry about boys. Don’t worry, you’ll find another one.” You always wanted to make an impact on everyone you met. Your life purpose was to help others, and that’s what you did. I loved that about you. I think the reason you had so much good advice stored in your head was because of all the obstacles you encountered in your lifetime. Watching the love of your life die of cancer was probably the hardest thing you ever had to deal with. A lot of us couldn’t even imagine the pain you suffered from. But you still always had that gleaming smile on your face, and a kind word to provide to anyone.

You also inspired me more and more every day. You were the best role model a sister could ever ask for. I learned so many things in all my years with you. You taught me how to be myself and embrace who I am, not to judge others because that shouldn’t be my job. God is the only one to judge in the end. You showed me that no matter how old you get, you’re never too old to be a little kid again. We’d go camping in your backyard, laugh our butts off when we were supposed to be serious, and make a fun time out of nothing. But most importantly, you taught me how to have an open mind towards everything and give it a chance. But now that your gone, there’s nothing left for me to learn.

As you mourned Rob’s death, now I’m sitting here mourning yours. But, I’m also rejoicing for the time I did get to spend with you, and the relationship I had the privilege to share with you. I know for a fact, that you’re in heaven looking down on me, watching out for me. Anyone who really got to know you would agree with me when I say you were a truly unique and one of a kind person. You’ll never be able to be replaced and you’ll forever occupy the most special of places in my heart. You’ll never be forgotten by me, or by so many other people. Forever and always sister.

Love, Kilee

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