Bullying Has to End

May 25, 2012
Days on end you think to yourself "When will it all be over" and "I just want this all to end" but it never does. The pain of going through it all makes you wonder if things will ever get better. Overweight isn't just because you eat, it can be because of a health disorder like emotional eating. People don't see everything behind the outside; they don't know what you go through. When you bully someone you're helping to make him/her want to kill himself/herself. You don't realize how bad you'll make the person feel, and some already feel bad about themselves. If you stop bullying you can help save lives. Bullying can lead to suicide. I know because I'm there; I have seen this all first hand and I live it every day. The constant struggle to push yourself through it, try to make others think you're alright while you're dying inside. I know that others get bullied for other reasons, but usually it's because you're different and mainly when you even a tad overweight or in their minds "fat" or "obese".

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