Life Gets Better

May 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Everyone has rough spots in there life. These can be caused by many different reasons.They can be caused by a death, divorce, sickness, or even a bad grade on your report card grades. Like many people all of the things listed above relate to me. My life has been very chaotic ever since I was little.
Ever since I was little, people were dying, my parents got a divorce, and my grades weren't so great (they still aren't, but I'm working on it).Although all of these things happen, you just have to get back up and keep moving forward. One little fish in the deep blue sea once said, "Just keep swimming." That is exactly what I'm doing. I'm listening to a fish from

Finding Nemo. I'm listening to this little fish because life isn't going to wait for you to be ready to move on, you have to keep on going no matter what happens. From these very horrific things that happened to me, I have learned one lesson that I'm sure can help anyone with a rough spot in his or her life.
The lesson that I learned was that life does get better. I learned this lesson many ways. I learned this lesson by enjoying the small things in life, the moments that you wished would never end. I learned this lesson of life gets better from my own experiences as well. Whenever life pushed me down I got back up and walked again. My life did get better, slowly, but it got better. After every bad thing that happened in my life, it got better. I think my life might actually be better now then it was before. If my life could get better I'm positive that anyone's life would too.
If you were to get anything out of this essay, I guess you could call it that, I hope you got one important lesson from it. Life does get better. Don't let anything push you down and make you stay there. Dory, from Finding Nemo, said, "Just keep swimming." Honestly, I wouldn't be able to say it better any other way. Just remember that no matter what happens to you in your life will be a falling point, but it's only there to make the good things seem even better. LIFE DOES GET BETTER!!

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