A Knight In Red Armor

May 9, 2012
By emily162216 BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
emily162216 BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
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The brave, courageous, tiny little lady bug summited the green stalk of grass like it was no big deal. I watched in amazement at his super strength before I sat back on the grass and gazed up at the sky. I felt strong and weak at the same time. The ground was solid, a great foundation that I could build myself from, but when I looked at the sky I felt so small and fragile. I suppose this is one of the ironies of life. I glanced over at my little knight in red armor and I wondered if he was thinking the same thing as he gazed up at the sky, the thin blade of grass bending slightly under his weight. I wondered what his heart might look like if he had one. So small but so brave and I bet it would be made of gold. What if our hearts had the same capacity as a lady bug's. Fearless and simple. They do, I know they do and it isn't even a matter of taking your heart and trying to coax the goodness out. No, its a matter of stripping all of the bad things away. The things like jealousy, hatred and fear. Once you get rid of all of that muck then you will see that everyone has a heart of gold, some people just have more baggage covering it than others.

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