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May 7, 2012
By library BRONZE, Coimbatore, Other
library BRONZE, Coimbatore, Other
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When we are small we come across any people whom we get inspired with,we remember them as our role model.Usually our role models will be someone who have achieved in their life,usually older people.But I got inspired with a 8year old boy,he became my role model of my life.His name was Nidesh.My parents and I met him in a small beach near Poovar.He entertained us by catching crabs and talking about his beautiful life in the small beach.He lived in s,all huts there and still he went to school.Are you wondering what I learnt from him and how he became my role model for life.The thing that inspired me the most was the way he accepted the changes in life.The one line that he said,"Life brings many changes in your life,whether it is sa or happy it depends upon the way we accept it".Can you accept an 8 year old boy talk like that!Now I understand why people say Youngsters are the future of India'.Youngsters like him will are definitely needed for this country.This change in me was brought by small boy.Have you got any changes in you?

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