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April 29, 2012
By madlina BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
madlina BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Grown up in a southern town, she had nothing to lose. Having all dreams shout down. Not being able to see what the outside world had in store for her. She’s four feet eleven and a half inches tall, and yes the half really matters. She has a more chocolate complexion. With dark brown hair and pearly white teeth, she’s beautiful. In the average day, she doesn’t have a minute to spare. She attends the worse school in her district. With taking care of her three siblings, and her mother she has two jobs. She works in the only supermarket in her city, and she works in a shoe department store, with the privilege of making enough to subsidize the income, she works seven days a week. In school, she has all C’s but she is number one in her class. She has dreams of being the best doctor in her city, but not having money can decrease the chances.

Having a missing and alcoholic parent, she tries to stand strong. Her mother is so into buying bottles, she forgets to feed the children, People can see right through her unfed skin. From crying so much she has trails of tears on her face. She has personally two friends. Jesus and Nina. With these two people in her life, she feels like she can conquer the world. With these two people, all of her problems are gone. She misses and forgets about her father from time to time. She wonders if he has the same feeling and motives as her. Jesus her number one friend, is somewhat a replacement for him. For her to see her two siblings smiling, can cure cancer. She has such a –big heart, great personally, and awesome charisma. At times she escapes this world with listening to music, calm and sudding music. Many want to ask her about her life, but it’s hard for her to spill and get hurt again.

That girl is me.

The author's comments:
its about my life.

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