A New Expierience

April 19, 2012
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I didn’t know what to expect, my mom convinced me that there was nothing to worry about she said when she went there there was not a bully to be seen, and all the teachers were very nice and smart

That didn’t convince me at all, I was still very nervous, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. It was the middle of summer, and my brother was leaving for college in about a month, and I didn’t know what to be more worried about. I made the decision to worry about my brother because he was family and he was leaving.

“You wont miss me at all” my brother told me. “You won't even notice I’m gone half the time “, I knew he was just saying that so my sister and I wouldn’t worry so much.

My brother was right, after he left, half the time I didn’t even notice if he was home or not. Now that my brother was gone I still had to worry about how I was going to survive in my new school.

The main thing I was worrying about were the bullies and how much the teachers were going to beat me down.

Another reason I was worried about changing schools was what I was used to, I was coming from a private school that had maybe fifty people per grade to a school that had three-hundred people per grade. I didn’t know what to expect. What I thought was going to happen was that it was going to be the same size as my old school, but with four times as many people. Another thing I knew was different was the diversity, at my old school there maybe forty Asian-Americans, twenty-five African Americans and the rest of the population were Caucasian and changing to a school where it was very diverse with four times the people, I decide I could never know what to expect.

At the time I was worrying about my new school, I was also playing baseball and year round soccer. When I was a ten year old on my baseball team,(that was the youngest you could be), and there were also some people who went to me school, who were the twelve year olds(the oldest you could be). Those were the people I got advice from and kind of idolized. I asked them about their experiences, some of the people convinced me that I had nothing to worry about, just as my mom said , but others tried to scare me by saying that they got bullied every day and if you forget your homework once you got suspended and they said that it ruined their lives.

On the first day of school I woke up at six-thirty to take a shower and ate breakfast, oddly enough that and days I had tests were the only times I ate breakfast. The first day really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, none of the teachers were crazy or mean or anything like that. The bus was kind of awkward for me I only knew one person so I sat with him. After three weeks, I started to enjoy the bus when I had gotten used to it, but it was still awkward because I really didn’t know what the seating arrangement for my bus yet Basically the seating arrangement was the eighth graders sat in the back, seventh graders sat in the middle, and the insecure sixth graders sat in the front.

The first day of school wasn’t all sunshine and smiles, I did get lost three times for three separate classes. One time for science class I went to another houses’ class and stayed for twenty minutes because she felt that knowing people's names were more important than knowing if they were supposed to be there. The other two times weren’t that bad at all because the teacher took attendance right when we walked in and I was out of there in record speed. Another reason the first day wasn’t so good was because I really didn’t get to enjoy the bus at all until seventh grade because I only knew one person and I had to sit with him the whole first year. I really only enjoyed the bus during seventh grade.

One reason that the first day of school wasn’t terrible was because I did know some people from sports and one person on my bus Colin O'Donnell, but I did have to make a lot of friends, at school and on the bus. Some people I became very good friends but others I just didn’t connect with.

As I was walking home I was thinking then why I stressed so much, but then I asked myself “what happened with Maxine?” Maxine is my sixteen year old sister who started at the high school the same day, and she stressed just as much over the summer, but I guess I was blinded with fear.

Even though I did know some people from sports I did have make a lot of friends. Probably the first person I met was Bryce Simon who I met by having the locker next to him.

That is another way I met a lot of new people, lockers, you can either become very good friends with them or grow to be very annoyed by them. Another way I met a lot of my friends was at lunch and gym. The reason I found a lot of friends was because lunch and gym were the only two classes I got to see people from different houses.

Homeroom can be the best thing for you or the worst, for me in sixth grade it was pretty bad for the soul reason that I didn’t know anyone in my homeroom, so I pretty much just sat alone at a table by myself until seventh grade. Lunch was much better because there were people in the other two houses. Gym was the only other class that I could see other people from different houses. A lot of people thought that gym was physically demanding, but for me it wasn’t that bad at all, especially in sixth grade.

When I got settled in at my new school I had to think about sports for Fall. My mom thought I should at least try out for soccer, I had two reasons for disagreeing with her, one I was already playing for another team and I didn’t think I could handle two teams at the same time, two I did not think I would make the team, not only that but I was afraid I would be laughed at for my lack of skill.

As usual my mom was correct. My mom forced me to try out for the soccer and I was surprised to find out that I made the team in my first year trying out and another thing I was surprised about was I knew a lot more people than I thought I would thought from my travel soccer team.

One reason I made the soccer team in sixth grade was because the coach was very open minded.

In the end my mom was right, I did enjoy my first couple weeks at my new school. Even though it was a different experience there were a lot more people which meant I could make more friends, but that did mean more enemies too, but I got by. My sister also got many new alliances and we were probably better off at public school.

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