Your life is not worse than someone else

March 28, 2012
People think their life is worse than others, but it is not. I say to these people “There are some people in the world that has a worse life than yours.” I’m sick of hearing the same thing every day during my life and think about this, “Is your life is worse than someone else?” This is a test to see if you understand what I’m saying to you, and hopefully you will never say your life is worse than someone else.

1)Do you go to bed hungry every night? Y N

2) Are you homeless? Y N

3)Are you dying of a life threatening disease? Y N

4)Have you ever been the victim of a hurricane, earthquake, or tsunami? Y N

5)Have you ever been attacked or raped? Y N

6)Do you have parents who care about you? Y N

7)Have you ever been abused emotionally or physically? Y N

I want you to think about all the people in the world, because just think what your life would be in someone else shoes. If you have not answered Yes to any of the questions above, I would say that you have a pretty good life compared to many people! And please add on to this list for yourself if you want too.

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