First Two Days Of High School

March 23, 2012
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When I first came to high school, on August 17, 2008 I was so nervous. I didn’t know anybody there. I was the newbie, newbie at the school, because everyone else knew each other from the junior high. So, that kind of forced me to sit in the front where no one else sat so that I wouldn’t feel like I didn’t belong. To be honest though, that actually didn’t help as much. I felt like a hooker that had just walked up in a church full of saints. Fortunately, the day actually ended on a good note, because I met someone I had just seen the other at my apartment swimming pool, and his name was C.J. At least I knew one person at the scary place I called school.

My second day of school, was a bit like the first day, but better. Everything went just as the schedule had intended it to go. I had my first four classes and they went alright, then I got to my fifth class and I finally made some new friends. During fifth hour it was time for lunch, but I didn’t eat because I still kind of felt as if I didn’t belong. There is, actually one VERY special thing that happened to me that day. As I was sitting outside of the lunchroom, all by myself, I just happened to look up towards on of the lunchroom doors to find this good-looking boy watching me. Next thing I know he starts walking towards me with his two friends by his side. He comes up to me and says, “Hi my name’s Derrick, what’s your name?”

So I answer him by saying, “My name’s Rayven.”

He says, “Rayven! Like That’s So Raven? I love that name. I think it’s beautiful.”

So I tell him thank you and we started talking, and the other best part is even though I lived right across the street, he still offered me a ride home. I really miss him though, because I was a freshman at that point, and he was a junior. Now I’M a senior and he is long gone and graduated from this school I call my own. My luck was, that he was one of the best boyfriends I ever had at this school I call GOOD ‘OL HIGH SCHOOL!

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