"Welcome to the USA"

March 4, 2012
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Our airplane was finally landing the place where my life was going to start from a blank page. I was coming the place which I never saw and like a month ago didn’t even want to hear about it. Well I changed my mind and I was already there only with 103 F temperature. That was awesome right? The only person in my family who could speak a little English was in freaking high temperature and hardly could pronounce any word. In my childhood when I saw airplanes flying in the sky I always wished to be in it. But now I got that was the worst thing ever that could happen to me. The only thing I captured in my mind from the airplane were the biblical mountain Ararat in Armenia where Noah’s ark was landed and and the huge, white icebergs flowing in Arctic ocean. And that’s all! I don’t want to talk about the food of the airplane, because I really care about your health dear reader, so let’s move on!
We got out of the airplane and went to the airport register. That was my second disappointment. A lady in her official uniform standing right in front of us asked on what airplane we came. Be honest I didn’t get any word she said.

“What the Hell!”,I thought and tried to understand what she was trying to tell us. And it took “only” 5 minutes! Well that wasn’t a bad start for a non-speaker child. But at that moment I started to pray that everything would go okay, that God helped me to speak English ...and He did it..
The airport was huge, everyone could get lost, the registers were crowded and there was too much noise to hear anything- on one side the voices of guide-speakers and on the other side the clicks of computers. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Everything seemed so big, so foreign that I just wanted to switch off my brain and stayed in that position for the rest of my life...
Was it hard just to get out of there?Yes it was, because we wouldn’t stay there for 4 hours for nothing.
When everything was done I kept my breath wishing just to open the doors in front of me and breath again...
Light, faces, cries of happiness and a lot of foreign people. We were trying to catch familiar faces, who could take us from there. And somebody behind us shouted.

“Naira!(that’s my mother’s name)” and when we turned round our friends were standing there with a big bucket of flowers. And then followed hugs, kisses and happy faces. They helped us to get into the car and we left the airport. During all the way I spoke nothing just looked around me and thought that all these scenes I saw in films yesterday, but now I was the part of it. I put my head on my sister’s shoulder and closed my eyes...I needed some rest...

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