Family Reunion

February 14, 2012
By Anonymous

Family reunions in our family have been a long held tradition since as long as I can remember. My family reunions are not just an original ordinary get together with loved ones coming and going, it’s so much more. The reunion is something that our whole family looks forward to every few years. Looking back on them we have created many laughs and unforgettable memories. From sheep riding, talent contests and wheelbarrow races our family reunions are hard to forget!

Riding sheep at the family reunion is a great way to enjoy a few laughs. This great event took place at my uncle Johnny’s farm just outside of Lohrville. There were a few activities for all of us kids to do but one of the best was the sheep riding. Everyone one of my cousins got a turn inside the pen to ride, it was just like a miniature rodeo with all of us kids. Whoever could stay on the longest would be the winner just like in reality. Although I have a faint memory on the reunion, I still remember this part of it like it happened yesterday. There was I big circular pen with red gates and my cousin was up first. He rode the sheep for like 3 seconds without getting thrown off. Next I was up, I sat on the sheep hoping I wouldn’t get thrown off easily. That sheep acted like I was his friend and just walked around the pen like I was weightless. After a minuet or two I hoped off from what was the best ride I had hoped for. Although memories were made here riding sheep there are many more to come like talent contests.

A few years later the next reunion was coming up and my cousins and I were sitting there pondering about what to do for the talent contest. We kept brainstorming about all of the different things that we could do. Finally we had come up with an idea that was great. Thomas, Bobby and myself were going to chug a can of soda and the first one who had finished it was the winner. Well I never have been very good at chugging any kind carbonated drink but I thought what the heck ill give it a try! So we all had a can of grape soda and were on the deck in front of everyone ready to go. 3….2….1….GO! before I could realize how bad my eyes were watering up from the carbonation I suddenly hear my cousin Thomas yell done. As I look over I realize that all of us were soaked in our white shirts with purple soda running all down are chests. As this might be a memory I will never forget wheelbarrow races can add to the list.

Two years later my family was gathering in Des Moines for what we hoped would be another great family reunion. The family all gather at a park with a shelter where we ate, drank and played games. One of the best games what the wheelbarrow races. My cousin Daylon and I made a great team. All lined up on the edge of the grass ready to go along side the rest of our family teams we were competing against. Once the whistle blew we dashed on my arms and his legs as fast as we could to the other side of the grass. Halfway through it my arms collapsed and Daylon and I ended up in a pile. As we scrambled to get up and going again Alyssa and Ashley flew by us, how this happened I have no idea but what I did know is that we had lost. The worst part about it was that we had not just lost, we had lost to girls. One of the girls just happened to be my sister Alyssa, I dont think i ever heard the end of that story.

The family reunions are unforgettable memories that will keep getting passed down. I am looking forward to many more reunions to make more. Riding sheep, talent contests and wheelbarrow races are just great memories that make a reunion like mine hard to forget.

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