The Meaning of Color

January 22, 2012
By FireLily2312 SILVER, Troy, Michigan
FireLily2312 SILVER, Troy, Michigan
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Colour is the way we perceive things, and often times it has a symbolic meaning. Explaining colour is as difficult as explaining the concept of God. Everyone views it differently, yet at the same time, everyone understands it. Therefore, I will give it my best shot. Red. Red is the colour of life and love. It is the sound of a heartbeat, the thunder of a child’s first breath. It is the warmth of a fire, the warmth of love. Blue. Blue is the crisp taste of cold air. It is clarity of mind, the confidence you have when you know exactly what you are doing. It is the feel of rain pouring down on you after a drought; the sound of waves crashing against a cliff. Yellow. Yellow is the happiness and pride you feel in your accomplishment. It is the fuzzy feeling you get when you laugh at an inside joke with your friends. It is sunshine on a cold day; the hope at the end of the tunnel. It’s the knowledge that life will go on no matter what. Black is the quiet after a storm. The emptiness of death or the space for something new. It was the beginning and will be the end. It is the center of a fire, the colour of soil. Black is the ashes after a forest fire, the ashes which enrich the ground so that new plants have the nutrients they need. Green is the smell of freshly cut grass and the feel of walking in summer grass, which still has drops of dew on it. It is the unofficial colour of a compromise, when both sides give a little but know they did the right thing, as peace will ensue. White is the colour of purity. It is the fluffiness of cotton along with the naïveté of youth. It is the colour of the perfectionist. Pink is the softer version of red. It is gentle, soft, it is comfort; the feel of a hug on a sad day. Glass is pink. Extraordinarily beautiful but oh so delicate. Rose petals tend to smell pink. Running your hands over cool silk is pink. Orange is the colour of bravery. When you stand up for something or make a statement that is orange. It’s vibrant and bursting with energy. It is the adrenaline you get when you make a bet, the feeling that drives you towards double or nothing. Orange is the colour of the performer, the sound of cheering. Purple. Purple is the colour of royalty. The colour of authority and elegance. It’s the feeling of power you get when people stop to listen to what you have to say; the feeling you get when you make a difference in someone’s life. Brown. Brown is the colour of the Earth. It is the stability of a friend who will always be there for you. It’s the smell of hot coffee when you’re tired. It’s the squelching of mud between your toes when you walk in the fields barefoot. There are many more colours out there but this is just on way to translate it.

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