Never Let Love Change You

January 18, 2012
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Relationships are not meant for ever body by no means. Love can be an evil thing and it works two ways. Love is a drug that will blind you until YOU cure yourself. And by doing that, is to open your eyes and realize that your hurting yourself more than the individual you are with is. When you get into a relationship, your giving that somebody the opportunity to destroy you mentally and physically.

Whether you are happy or not, 99.9% he or she WILL end up hurting you, lying to you, cheating on you etc essentially. I have been in a relationship for 3 years. The first year is the f*** up, The second year is determination, and the third year should be a charm right? WRONG. The only people that can help you and your relationship, is you and your significant other. A woman’s love is UNCONDITIONAL.

What men fail to realize is that there is different types of love. Most men/young men are in love with groupie love. These hoes out here get into their mind and control them. Always keep in mind that you CANNOT turn a hoe into a housewife, no matter what. Hoes will be hoes regardless.

The problem most people see with relationships is the most common, CHEATING. Why do men cheat? Because they know for a fact, the woman will come back. Here is the problem with women. Women don’t know how to cheat.

A woman can love till eternity, and a woman’s love for a person will not fade away. Have you ever wondered why women always go back to the man? She believes they are going to change. She believes there will be no more arguments, no more females, no more lies, no more hurtful things said and done. All men are NOT the same, but its is EXTREMELY rare in these days to find a good hearted faithful loving man. Always remember, there will always be someone else out there for you. Refuse to settle for less, plenty of fishes in the sea. People always remember, you WILL know when you’ve found that special somebody. LOVE ON.

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