January 20, 2012
By Malloryj BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
Malloryj BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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Hacking. Probably the most misunderstood profession. Both revered and looked down upon. Why is that? Why do you consider hackers the people who won’t have girlfriends? Why do they have to be the loners in the corner? Then you come begging them to get you on Facebook during school. Hacking needs to be revered in this world. Its hackers who defend you rights, hackers who protect you from unfair policies. How? The internet group 'anonymous' has defended activities that you may not know that you are a part of. They have defended your right to do what you want to things that you own, such as hacking a playstation 3 system. They have attacked governments that limit internet usage and censorship. They have defended your right to obtain information from governments which sparked the media attacking wikileaks and Julian Assange. They have defended your right to download music against corporate giants such as aiplex software. I bet many of you illegally download and convert your music online don’t you? Many of you wish to mod your gaming systems and computers. So if I want to hack my computer why stop me? Probably because you can’t. Because you’re jealous. I know you wish you could do what I can do. Want to get on Facebook at school? Don’t ask me if you have a problem with hackers. Don’t ask us to do anything ever again. We aren’t as bad as you think. You only see one side. You see “trouble”, “viruses”, “kids without girlfriends”. We see “freedom”, “enterprise”, and “skill”. We think there is more to life than “having a life” and getting a girlfriend so soon. We are on the real front line defending freedom, and that includes your first amendment rights. So when you live in a world of restriction and censoring you will want more access. Well too bad you shunned us hackers so much. Now who's laughing? Well get used to it and start raging. And while you’re at it blame yourself for condemning the future. Remember if you control technology then you control the future. So if your technologically illiterate now, then just wait until it’s the year 2020, then you will be the kid in the corner who won’t have a girlfriend because you can’t use technology.

The author's comments:
I personally have expereince with hacking and many people have a problem with it. now that everyone has heard about SOPA and Pipa i thought it might be a perfect time to publish this.

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