Jumping on the Trampoline

January 15, 2012
By KeepMeInMind BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
KeepMeInMind BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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    When jumping on the trampoline you can reach the stars. On the trampoline at night you can see all the stars glimmering in the sky. My favorite thing to do is try to jump up and grab them, even though I end up falling back on my butt with no stars in my hands. But I know someday I’ll fall back down with a glimmering star snuggled into my palm.
By jumping on the trampoline you can reach the stars, because if you don’t get a hold of one on your first bounce, you’ll fall back down for a second and bounce back up again.
    Everyone should follow this motto, it really helps you get things done and accomplish your dreams. Michael Jordan is someone who has done this. After trying out for his high school basketball team and not making it, he moved on to be one of the best NBA players. This is because he never gave up and he kept jumping on the trampoline. Whenever I am trying to complete something that maybe a bit of a challenge I follow my motto, that when jumping on the trampoline you can reach the stars. For example, once I had a Spanish test coming up and I didn’t really understand what was on it. When I studied and then took the test it was like jumping to the stars. The bad grade on my test was like the fall back down from the sky to the trampoline with no star in my hand. Finally, when I retook the test that was like the bounce back up to try to get a star.
    This motto works for anyone and everyone, someone 4 or 96, it works for big goals and dreams or even little ones too. This is because the stars can be anything you want them to be, a job you want, to do good on a test, win a championship, to become president on student council, or even to earn a little money. There are so many things the stars can be, just pick your dream and jump on the trampoline.

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