Mother's Cooking

January 12, 2012
By Kingsruller1 BRONZE, Arlington Hts., Illinois
Kingsruller1 BRONZE, Arlington Hts., Illinois
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The cooking of a loving mother of 3 boys is beyond describable. I should honestly stop writing now because I cannot put into words on how amazing my mothers food is. I live in this house and even I every day say to my self every night when I walk downstairs, “Man I am craving some food.“ Every time that I have friends come over the first thing they say is, “Wow!! What smells so good?” and I reply with a, “Oh its just my mothers cooking she is an amazing cook.” All my friends love the traditional Serbian food that my mother makes. The table is set up nicely with a bowl with soup and meat in the middle of the table or even some pasta. All the entrees that my mom makes will fill your stomach up no matter who you are. Even if you aren’t hungry my mom will make you eat the food that is laid out for the family and friends. The meals that my mother will make you eat, are always thick and filling like even the stew is thick with beans and carrots and celery and a little bit of ground beef. I love the fact that my mom makes food every night for my family. She is a loving mother with great mommy morals. It also helps that my dad likes to cook as well but for some reason unless its grilling he will only cook breakfast for us. The 3 sunny side up eggs that I get that is covered in feta cheese and paprika with a bunch of other spices that my father puts in is just a spectacular meal. It brings a zest to your mouth and even a zest to your nose.

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