January 12, 2012
My cousin and I have been best friends since before we could talk. We had an unstated bond that no one could understand, not even us. It’s like we’re twin sisters. When distant friends and family members came down to visit, they would as if we were twins. We don’t look exactly alike, or even have the same hair color, but we were always together and acted exactly alike that most people thought we were twins. We could spend all day together and always have something new and crazy to talk about or do together. We know each other’s darkest secrets, things nobody else would never know about us. We’re as close as two cousins can be, but all that changed in flash when our mothers got into a fight, leaving us in the cross fire.

They both went their separate ways. I never thought it could happen, but it did. Our whole lives were upside down. For once in our lives, we weren’t with each other every day. It took some adjusting but I was soon ok with the fact that we didn’t see each other as often. Then she was forced to move schools, making things even worse. I no longer enjoyed going to school. I didn’t get to see my best friend and laugh at things that normally seemed so humorless but when I was with her everything was hilarious. I walked around school in a dazed. A huge void was left where she use to be and it could never be filled. I felt so empty inside, it was nearly unbearable. She felt the same as me but it was worse for her because she was in a new school with none of her old friends like she had been use to. It’s hard trying to be strong for friend when you know she’s worse than you but you feel as if you’re dying inside. Even though it tore us both apart, we cheered each other up and for a while it worked. She would come to my house like old times and it was as if nothing had happened. Until, her mother wouldn’t even let her do that.

Now our only link is our phones. We both hate it because none of the drama had to with us, but we’re the ones getting punished for it. It’s hard to stay connected when you can only text. I can’t see the little smirk that comes across her face when she makes a joke. I can’t see that blank stare when she’s deep in thought trying to answer my question. I can’t see how hyper she get’s over the littlest bit of sugar or how her face changes when she gets angry at someone. Texting is better than no communication at all, but it definitely is not the same. We still have that deep bond, but sometimes not being able to see her makes me doubt that were still as close. Of course though, she’ll surprise me and I’m automatically reassured that nothing can come between us.

It’s been tough trying to make it through without seeing her. Even though now, I can go see her at her job, it isn’t the same. I can see her smile and laugh and talk to me but she has other responsibilities and she can’t just stop to see me. We had always dreamed of going to college together and living near each other for the rest of our lives; it had always been nice to have someone beside you saying, “I want to do that to! Why don’t we just do it together?” Now though, it’s like we are slowly being forced to live separate lives, something that neither of us want to do. Even though this transition has been hard to deal with, I know in my heart that it has made the bond between us that much stronger. The more we’re forced apart, the more we want our friendship to last. Although I hate that this has happened, I’m glad it did because now I won’t take friendships for granted. I’ve realized how delicate they are and they’re worth preserving.

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