A walk on the street of Vegas that changed my life ....!!

January 9, 2012
By Purvil BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other
Purvil BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other
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Hey Friends,

Vegas- the city of dreams and everyone has some experience to share about this magical city but mine was a bit unusual and interesting.

I still remember it was 29th of June 2011 and the next day was my 2nd sem results, and unfortunately or fortunately so I was in Las Vegas at that time. It was the last day of my trip in Vegas and it was a typical Vegas night with all the glitter and glamor surrounding me and as I was under 21 I wasn’t allowed in any of the casinos. As I mentioned it was the last day of my trip I was given this freedom to have a free walk around by my parents, as sitting outside a casino is a pretty boring job.

I was going through a bad phase in my life during that time, lots of questions I had in my mind which had to be answered and may more things. Moreover it was the result time. By 10pm I was on the streets of Vegas flying like a free bird. I had a prediction that like by 12 the result might get out so I decided to roam for about 12 30 am and return to the hotel room. I was roaming around and was almost lost seeing the glittering city, I sat on a roller coaster which was build at the top of a hotel called New York New York built on the theme of US. After doing all this I looked at my watch and it was still 11 pm and I had another 1.30 hrs to pass out the time. Already butterflies in my stomach and with a messed up mind, I decided to put my favorite music on and decided to take a walk on the famous “Vegas strip” and boy what a walk it was….!!

Vegas:- the most happening place in this world, was suddenly a very silent place for me, as the music in my ears was kind of a collection slow and soothing songs. After turning on my music I did nothing I just observed the glittering hotels, saw people gambling on the streets, some were shouting in joy while some were shouting in agony, there were entertainers who did some antics to earn their living, there were some musicians and some music band playing a genre of music, which I wasn’t familiar with. I had a camera in my hand and earphones in my ears, I started clicking photographs of these hotels, of the people on the streets and everything around me.

A cold breeze blew past my hair, giving me a soothing feeling and I didn’t stop to click pictures and observe people around me and suddenly when I analyzed my photographs and my observations and concluded that there were people who were losing their money in gambling, there were poor people who were doing some joker antics for their living, etc, but one thing common in them was, they all had a smile on their face and actually seemed happy and they made me think that they all are going through much much bigger problems in their lives than what I am going through, still they are smiling and finding their solutions in the lap of nature. Suddenly all the messy things that were running in my mind which needed an answer were answered, suddenly by this observations I founded answer to all my questions and actually found out that all the answers were actually deep buried inside me, the only thing was I had to find it.

My aim of sharing my experience is only one thing that no matter how the big problem is, the solution lies inside you. The only thing is you need to find these solutions and for finding these solutions sometimes you need to just take your mind off your day to day schedule and take a walk with your favorite music on, on a silent path, a road that is very close to nature, or sit in your balcony and observe the traffic aimlessly or do something that will bring out your true self and not the person which is working aimlessly in day to day life and u will find the solutions which are hiding somewhere inside you. I will end my article on this statement “You are the solution to all your problems”

With Love & Regards,
Purvil Kamdar

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