Life Brings an angel into the world

December 2, 2011
By theonetheonly GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
theonetheonly GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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At the age of sixteen my life changed dramatically. My friends knew something was up. Getting questioned is not the best. Finding out the greatness of life is bringing a little angel into the world. “An angel has given me a blessing.” It’s just telling everyone which becomes extremely hard. People never know what others are going to think or even say. “I believe losing a loved one hurts, especially if you’re the one carrying it.” “I don’t believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don’t judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free. I have learned to wait until marriage or at least until I am out of high school to start a life. “How long do you think you should wait?” Being young is hard to be raising a baby. They need all the attention in the world.

Life goes on and gets harder every step you take. It’s like walking on hot lava rocks burning your feet to get through the rough patches that you have. Everyone in the world has things they need to fix or even get over. Going through pain hurts. It hurts more when people lose a loved one or even something they once loved. So many things happen for a reason. There are some things that shouldn’t happen for a reason and that is losing a child you love. Not being able to meet the little one that you are bringing into the world is like sacrificing your life.

Teens that grow up and have younger siblings feel like their parents are neglecting them. We grow up and have to depend on ourselves. As we depend on ourselves we decide to bring a life into the world so they can depend on us. Also, having something of your own to look up to you is great it shows that you are growing up. “Teen mothers are more prone to dying after having a child because they’re bodies aren’t fully developed and ready to produce a child.” Also, teens are more prone to having a miscarriage.

Sitting in the doctors off I had the Heebie-Jeebies. All a sudden it got very crowded. This office smelled fruity and flowery. There are babies crying and people talking. The adults that were talking Loquacious. There are little kids sick everywhere. It is like a prison but full of sick kids. “Yes, I went to the doctor and found out something amazing.” I found out that I was going to be having a baby. Once I found out I was so happy and excited. Then I started to think “What will my parents say? What will they do to me if I tell them?” I got scared. I started to shake like I was freezing or something but I knew I wasn’t cold. I was thinking of the worse instead of thinking about my baby. A few months later I lost my little angel. It was tragic. All I could do is cry and think what could’ve caused it. ” Stress may have caused the miscarriage, or maybe even running around could’ve caused the miscarriage.” I’ll never know what caused it. But at the same time I was young. Maybe it was for the best. I have learned from my mistake and I am deciding to wait.

As life still goes on people start to learn. They learn from all their mistakes. There are some people that find other things to do to get over fear or even drug abuse. Seeing what people go through in life is pretty crazy. So many people go through a lot of rough patches, so they decided to go to rehab or try something new to get away from what has caused them pain. People that do drugs are influenced by the littlest things. Just like the one guy who was a drug addict he turned to picking up trash for a healthier environment. Teens that have a miscarriage find something to do to raise their moods.

Some teenage girls are ready to have a baby at a young age. Most of them aren’t. The ones who aren’t ready shouldn’t have had sex in the first place. Sex is like a drug people get addicted to it. Then get screwed in the end. A majority of teens either end up pregnant or with STDS or some other kind sexual transmitted disease. The teens that end up pregnant can have a sexually transmitted disease and not even know. These teens need to wake up and smell the coffee and realize what they are doing. So many of teens, forget to think before they do things. Think with your brains and not your hands.

The teen girls that do get pregnant are missing out on their lives. They forgot to smell the roses before getting pregnant. If you get pregnant at a young age then your life is pretty much over. For those teens who have miscarriages they go through depression and a sick feeling. They start to blame themselves for the loss of the baby. Losing a baby is hard as a teenager but they were not ready to be parents. We teens need to go to school and college to get an education and to get the career we have been dreaming of.

Time to step up and to stop burning our feet. Get past the hardships move on to the new ships. Staying in one place for a long time is like a prison you get so use to it. Hiding from the future is going to help you resolve your past. “Life is like an ocean. It can be calm and still or rough and rigid. But in the end it’s always beautiful.” You can’t bring back the baby you lost all teens can really do is try again. Keep trying till you exceed. Don’t go over board that will just lead to more problems. A majority of teens that do go overboard lose their houses and jobs. The teens that don’t go overboard keep their jobs and homes and won’t have to depend on welfare. Also, teens that have miscarriages won’t have to worry about any of that.

Don’t get me wrong having is miscarriage isn’t that great but it teaches you a lesson. Learning from your mistakes helps you in life. Waiting is the key to living a great life. Wait till marriage to have a baby or at least have a steady job to where you can take care of the little one. Babies need a lot of care. Babies aren’t like raggedy toy dolls that you can throw in a drawer and careless about. They’re humans they need everything an adult or teen needs. It’s god’s creation. If you don’t have sex you won’t have a miscarriage or even have a baby that will need attention and caring. Stay active and live life as far as it can go. Plan you future ahead of time.

Just imagine walking into school with a belly. Would you like to get stared at every day of your life. Being so young and already having a little one of your own. How are you going to afford them? Buy everything for them? How are you seriously going to care for them? Think before this actually happens to you. Growing up fast is like a tree branch breaking and growing a new one. It can even be like fall when the leaves come off the tree its over till the next year.

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I was 15 when i was pregnant and had a miscarriage was greatful for it because i was definitly not ready to be a mother. Please do not let this happen to any of you.

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