My Army Man

December 22, 2011
By , Port Angeles, WA
My brother was sent to war when I was 15.
He had said to write him, that he would one day return home a man. I believed him.

His first and last letter he sent me was this:

July 19th 2009,
Dear Katie,
I miss you. The weather here is so hot your sweat sweats. I don’t remember what the rain smells like, and Oregon seems like such an amazing place right now. But I wish you could see it here. People fight in the streets on a daily basis, bombs are going off in every direction, the higher ups are screaming at you constantly. I should have joined the Navy! Once you get used to being shot at, its not that bad.
I got in a fight yesterday. Some freakazoid with the balls to come at me screaming and punching. I kicked his ass for you, just like that loser I had to beat the crap out of because he wouldn’t leave you alone. But I got another battle scar to add to my collection. Looks like a piece of corn or a really nasty toenail.
I gotta go soon, suns gonna rise over the desert. Almost as pretty as you.

I’ll be home soon. I love you,

This was the last time I ever talked with my brother.

My family was informed over a month later that Adam was shot 22 times all over his body, the morning of July 19th. He was protecting an innocent little girl from getting harassed by perverts and harmed by men with guns. He was given a Purple Heart medal upon his death, because he died at the hands of a terrorist.

My brother did come home a man, he came home a man that had sacrificed himself for the safety of others.
He is my hero, my one true love and best of all, My Army Man.

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